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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Soccer Club Field Trip

Trip #1:

A local youth soccer club in Hillsboro is planning an end-of-season tournament trip for their U12 team. The coach wants to arrange comfortable transportation for his 12 players and their families to drive down to Medford for a weekend tournament. He gets a quote from us for a roundtrip charter bus rental from Hillsboro to Medford. For a 56-passenger coach bus with restroom, TVs, and WiFi, the quote comes out to $2,100. This covers pickup in Hillsboro on Friday afternoon, the 2.5 hour drive down I-5 to Medford, return trip Sunday evening after the tournament, and availability for any local shuttling needs during their stay. With 12 players plus family members, this works out to around $100-125 per person for safe, relaxing group transportation. The coach happily accepts the quote, knowing it will make the weekend hassle-free for his team.

Organizing A Three Day Retreat

Trip #2:

A local non-profit in Hillsboro is organizing a 3-day retreat for their team of 15 staff members at a campground about 2 hours outside of the city. They want to arrange roundtrip transportation from their office to the campground on a Friday afternoon, as well as a shuttle service throughout the weekend to take the group on various hiking trails and team building activities. We provide a quote for a 20 passenger minibus rental for their retreat. The total roundtrip mileage is estimated at 300 miles. At $2.00 per mile, plus $100 per day for the driver’s time, the total 3-day minibus rental quote comes out to $1,100. This covers pickup at their office on Friday at 3pm, roundtrip to the campground, and on-call shuttle service from 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday. The non-profit decides this quote fits nicely into their retreat budget and books the minibus with us.

Middle Schoolers Trip

Trip #3:

A youth group from Hillsboro is planning a day trip to the Oregon Coast. Their youth pastor wants to take the middle schoolers to Lincoln City for a fun day at the beach before summer ends. He books a charter bus in Hillsboro for the big trip, getting a quote for a 56 passenger coach bus for the day. The group will get picked up at the church at 8 AM, drive the hour and a half to Lincoln City, spend the day playing at the beach and grabbing lunch at a seafood restaurant, and then drive back to Hillsboro, getting dropped off around 5 PM. For the roundtrip transportation for 56 passengers, the total quote comes out to $2,100. This covers the cost of the charter bus rental itself plus fees and taxes. While pricey, the pastor knows the memories the students will make at the beach are priceless. The charter bus makes the trip possible since the church vans can’t handle that many riders.

Transportation For a Sport Team

Trip #4:

A local Hillsboro youth sports team is planning an end-of-season trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. With 30 players plus coaches and parents, they will need a 36-passenger charter bus for the round trip from Hillsboro. We provide a quote for their Saturday in mid-June trip. The 3-hour drive down plus stops amounts to about 5 hours total. We estimate the return trip will also take around 5 hours. At our standard pricing of $150 per hour, the 10 total hours comes out to $1,500. On top of that, we add a 10% peak season surcharge since it’s summer, bringing the total to $1,650. The per person cost works out to around $45. We let them know we can provide movies, WiFi, and snacks on board to make the trip fun and comfortable. Though a bit pricier than a school bus, the upgraded amenities and service are well worth it for this special season-ending adventure..

Kids to Visit Oregon Zoo Booked

Trip #5:

A local non-profit in Hillsboro is organizing a group trip for underprivileged kids to visit the Oregon Zoo. They have 65 kids signed up for the trip, along with 15 adult chaperones. To keep costs reasonable, they decide to book a charter bus rental for the day. After getting a quote from us, they choose to reserve a 56 passenger coach bus. We provide an online quote for their Portland to Hillsboro roundtrip, estimating the drive time at 1 hour each way. With a full day rental from 9am to 5pm, we quote them $950 for the bus. This covers pickup and dropoff at their starting location in Hillsboro, plus the drive over to the Zoo and back. The organization is thrilled with the quote, since it keeps the cost at around $12 per child. They happily confirm the reservation, excited to give these kids a fun day at the Zoo.

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